Independent Trading Desk

WHO ARE WE? An independent Trading Desk. AND YOU? A company that needs to address a specific audience, at the right time, and without overwhelming. HOW WILL WE DO IT? Our job is to connect the advertiser with users that are likely to be impacted. For this, we have specialized in the purchase of advertising space in real time, or also called RTB (Real Time Bidding). Our team is responsible for offering the user considered of interest a banner of your company and making it effective. That is why we work with the best DSPs on the market, we have a huge inventory and quality and we work hand in hand to make your campaigns effective.

The way we can identify if that user is of interest and can become a potential customer is simple: we use large databases (Big Data technologies) that inform us if the user who enters the page belongs to the target or not Advertiser or your conversion history, among many other data. In this way it is easier to generate attraction in the user, since what you offer is information that concerns you because it comes within your interests, your lifestyle or your hobbies.

So, we plan your campaign, targeting an interesting audience and buying impressions according to your target. In addition, we take care of the campaign every day, we retargeting to limit users and give in the target, and all this putting us in contact with you and offering you the information you need through various reports.

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